Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Award Winning Children's Book

               For this week's assignment, I was able to find a Caldecott Honor Book entitled, Why the sun and the moon live in the sky by Ephinstone Dayrell and illustrated by Blair Lent. As I looked at the cover, before even reading the book, I thought to myself that the book seemed very interesting. I enjoyed taking a picture walk through the book. Since the book had won for it's illustrations I thought it appropriate to analyze the creative photos. I now knew why the book had been a Caldecott Honor.

             As I read, I immediately became engaged in the story. Everything about it was inviting to me. When I am teaching my class it is important that I choose books that will keep them engaged and ready to learn. The idea that the sun, the moon, and the water were human-like will help students connect to the reading. This story is an African folktale about how the sun and the moon were placed in the sky.

            There are many ways that I would be able to use this book in my classroom. One lesson can be either a text to self connection, text to text connection, or a text to world connection. I would also be able to use this book when teaching about folktales. This book can be read aloud during the mini-lesson and be used as a guide for the students. I was pleased that I chose this book and I am also very interested in building up my library with other award winning books. I am excited to continue reading!

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  1. Christina-
    I really enjoyed reading your blog this week. Your details of the book, specifically about the illustrations, really allowed me to picture it in my mind. I can also feel your love for this book through your words. It is so important that we, as teachers, love what we do; your passion certainly shows through your writing. I am looking forward to reading more of your blogs!